Redesign of an existing “Wellness Calendar”, an undated calendar where people can fill in dates and keep track of their moods. The calendar is sold every year in order to raise funds for a feeding charity. A redesign was requested in order to make the calendar more attractive and appeal to younger audiences.

The calendar encourages people to reflect on each month, using uplifting words, inspirational quotes, and prayers.

The client chose to use dogs as the theme of the calendar, as photos of cute animals such as kittens or dogs is said to help the viewer to de-stress.

To use the wellness calendar, the user fills out the dates and if they've had a good day, they complete the face with a smile. They then add up the number of smiles at the end of the month. It's a good way to track moods. A checklist is included should the user wish to write down special goals for the month.

Space is provided on the back of each monthly page for jotting down reflections or notes. A quote at the bottom provides inspiration to the user.

Each dog photo was chosen to suit the motivational phrase of the month.

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