“Bahai Arugaan ni Maria is a birthing manger—where there is always room!—established by CNN Hero and gentle birth advocate Robin Lim of Bumi Sehat Foundation and supported by Wadah Philippines, serving the poor, marginalized & indigenous peoples in and around Aborlan, Palawan.”
I was asked to design a logo that reflects Bahai Arugaan’s purpose: to provide care particularly for indigent mothers and their children without access to basic healthcare.The logo would be applied to various print materials, as well as signage.
The icon was inspired by Baybayin, an old Filipino writing system. I took the baybayin for the syllable “Wa” (due to Bahai Arugaan’s relationship with its benefactor, Wadah Philippines) and modified into the shape of a mother’s arms cradling a bird.
The color purple was chosen because it represents spirituality and is most associated with women and femininity. Paired with black, the logo is simple yet bold.

Primary Logo
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Logo Design Process
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