WADAH Titian Harapan is a Jakarta, Indonesia-based foundation established "by women, for women, for all". The word Wadah is an acronym derived from Wanita dan Harapan or “Women and Hope”. The foundation grew out of a need to help impoverished mothers, and to create a better future for their families and communities.
They asked me to design the conference materials for the 2nd WADAH International Gathering 2010 held in Manila, Philippines. The theme was "Sharing, Caring, and Giving: The Philippine Experience" and I decided to base the motif of their materials on "pabalat", a form of decorative paper art originating from San Miguel, Bulacan. Intricate cuttings are made by hand on colorful tissue paper, which will be used to wrap pastillas de leche, a traditional sweet.
Stationery, notebook, invitations to Welcome and Closing Dinners, and pin badge
Welcome Dinner invitation
Closing Dinner invitation
The notebook also includes the Program Schedule and important information about the host city of Manila.
Certificate for attendees
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